brunch at bunga bunga.

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Two hours of unlimited prosecco and pizza, yes please!

Last Saturday we went down to Bunga Bunga for an Italian brunch extravaganza. There were fourteen of us crammed around a little table ready to celebrate our housemate’s and Micu’s birthdays.

First came the prosecco, followed by planks of shaved meats, baskets of freshly baked pastries and baguette, melon balls and chocolate pizza. Then came more prosecco, three giant metre-long sourdough pizzas with a selection of delicious toppings, more prosecco, and fruit salad and cream for dessert. And some more prosecco.

Bunga bunga - meat

Bunga Bunga - chocolate pizza

Bunga Bunga - brunch pizza

Bunga Bunga - pizza

The Bunga Bunga crew

Eager to get us off the table after our two hours of feasting, the lovely staff at Bunga Bunga lured us to the bar with a free jug of prosecco. We didn’t need to be asked twice.

What followed was a thoroughly entertaining, messy afternoon of karaoke, dancing and a bit of drag-queen action. Quite a celebration.

With the blinds pulled down, the outside world was shut out and before we knew it, we had been there for almost 6 hours, singing and dancing. It was only 5pm. Our instincts told us to break free from the crazy world of Bunga Bunga and leave the prosecco behind. We made our way out into the daylight, suddenly realising that for most people this was just a normal Saturday afternoon and not a time to be in such merry spirits.

Bunga Bunga crew

We are family

The boys

Birthday boy
Birthday boy

Filipino crew


Drag queen action


We decided to head down to the nearby Battersea Park to chill out for a bit and enjoy the afternoon, pit-stopping for more pizza and beers.

Somewhere around 7pm, tiredness set in. Our hangovers’ were starting and it wasn’t even night time. An executive decision was made to go home and freshen up before potentially heading out again to continue the celebrations. Did we make it out that evening? Not a chance. The lure of nap time, the Wolf of Wall Street, some takeaway chinese and salted caramel cupcakes was far too much to resist! Thankfully, when Sunday rolled around, we were hangover free and ready to face another day’s adventures.

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