flat iron – cheap, delicious steak in london.

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Flat Iron is my go-to place in Soho when I’m craving steak but don’t want to spend a fortune.

Flat Iron, London
Flat Iron on Beak Street, Soho

The menu is simple, delicious and cheap; a winning combination.

The star of the show is the ‘flat iron’ steak, which comes with a fresh garden salad for just £10. For a few more pounds you can pick up some tasty sides like their dripping cooked chips, roast aubergine (one of my favourites), creamed spinach or their special salad. They also have a nice little selection of sauces for £1 to go with your steak – I tend to pick the béarnaise, which is creamy and rich, and might just be one of the best I’ve tried.

Flat Iron also put on a special meat of the day, which is either a different cut of steak or their famous flat iron burger. We’ve tried both and can definitely say that the specials live up to the high standards set by the other dishes.

The menu at Flat Iron
The menu at Flat Iron
Complimentary popcorn
Complimentary popcorn while you wait to order

The food

The flat iron steak is mouthwateringly good. It’s tender, pink in the middle and perfectly salted. It’s not a standard cut – coming from the shoulder and cut with the grain not against it – but it is super juicy and full of flavour. The sides are all really good too; the chips are crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle, the special salad is simple but tasty and the roast aubergine is comfort food at its best. The goodness doesn’t stop with the steak though – they also do dessert! Well, there’s only one dessert, but it is amazing. Salted caramel mousse piped straight from the cream gun into a cute little mug, all to yourself. They even give you a little jar of salt flakes so you can add it to the mousse, bite by bite. It’s the perfect way to end the meal.

The 'flat iron' steak
The ‘flat iron’ steak

Me at Flat Iron, Soho

Steaks and sides

The Flat Iron meat cleaver
The Flat Iron meat cleaver
Roast aubergine - smokey, cheesy and delicious
Roast aubergine – smokey, cheesy and delicious
Dripping cooked chips
Dripping cooked chips – crispy and fluffy

The burger and sides

The special burger with béarnaise sauce
The special burger with béarnaise sauce
Salted caramel mousse
Salted caramel mousse

The ambience

Not only is the food really good at Flat Iron, but the staff are all very friendly which makes the restaurant have quite a fun atmosphere. I’ve eaten at Flat Iron by myself before and not felt like a loner – I guess the shared tables kind of help! It’s also the little details that make this place so appealing, like a complementary mug of popcorn as you sit down at your table, the quick service, the ‘Flat Iron’ meat cleaver they provide with your steak, the fun music and the cozy environment.

Flat Iron don’t take reservations and they get pretty busy (which is completely understandable!) so we always try to go early so we don’t have to wait long. That said, there’s a nice bar downstairs that does pretty delicious cocktails so at least you can have a drink and sit down while you wait for a table. There are two locations (both in Soho) but I’ve only been to Beak Street so I can’t comment on the Denmark Street restaurant… yet!

So next time you are feeling a little low in iron and looking for somewhere fun and friendly that won’t break the bank, head to Flat Iron for mouthwateringly good steak. You won’t regret it!

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