egyptian paradise – four seasons, sharm el sheikh.

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We escaped the English winter for four blissful days, venturing to the incredibly beautiful oasis that is the Four Seasons, Sharm El Sheikh.

It’s an absolutely stunning resort. The grounds feel more like a small village than a hotel; full of lush gardens which wind down through the layers of the resort, past the pools, all the way to the shimmering seafront. The coral reef sits right up by the water’s edge, giving you the opportunity to explore and observe the schools of fish and sea creatures living in the ocean. The villas are surrounded by pools, palm trees and a wonderful view of the sun softly setting over the Red Sea. The entire resort instills a sense of calmness and relaxation that makes you never want to leave.

We didn’t do a lot besides alternating between lounging by the beach and the pool, eating, reading, swimming and snorkelling. It’s indulgent, but it’s an easy lifestyle to get used to!

The highlight was spending hours snorkelling, quietly watching the sea life interacting with the delicate reef. I didn’t expect it to be quite so alive and vivid, having been to other places where the reef has sadly been eroded and destroyed.

Although it’s a little expensive by Egyptian standards, staying at the Four Seasons was definitely worth it for the quality of the experience. The food was delicious, the staff were genuinely friendly and would stop by to have a chat or go out of their way to make our stay more enjoyable, and the attention to detail throughout the resort was outstanding. Plus, waking up each morning to the view below was something that I will not be forgetting anytime soon!

View from our balcony

The view from our villa
The view from our villa

Poolside in the afternoon

The view from the pier

Beach times in Sharm El Sheikh
Beach times

Me on the beach

Moroccan touches
Moroccan touches

The pool at night

Lounging around the Four Seasons, Sharm El Sheikh

The Four Seasons, Sharm el Sheikh
The Four Seasons

View from the top of the hotel The hotel

Attention to detail

One of the restaurants

Buffet breakfast time
Buffet breakfast time

Nutella crepe and fruit salad

Enjoying the view

The gardens at Four Seasons

By the pool

One of the pools

Jumping in the Red Sea

Learning how to dive
Learning how to dive

Learning to dive

Enjoying the view from our balcony
Enjoying the view from our balcony

Tea time

Morning sunshine over the beach Gardens

The beach and Red Sea

Me on the pier

Snorkelling in the Red Sea
Snorkelling in the Red Sea

Looking silly after snorkelling

Tropical beach view


Relaxing in the pool

Riding the Four Seasons funicular
Riding the Four Seasons funicular
Farewell Four Seasons
Farewell Four Seasons, Sharm El Sheikh

Photos by Micu and I.

© 2014 Fiona Tregeagle.

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